How to Tail Logs

You can tail logs in real-time aggregated across all containers using the following command.

gigalixir logs

How to Forward Logs Externally

If you want to forward your logs to another service such as Logflare, Timber or PaperTrail, you’ll need to set up a log drain. We support HTTPS and syslog drains. To create a log drain, run

gigalixir drains:add $URL
# e.g. gigalixir drains:add https://api.logflare.app/logs/logplex?api_key=$API_KEY&source=$SOURCE_ID
# e.g. gigalixir drains:add https://user:$TIMBER_API_KEY@logs.timber.io/sources/$TIMBER_SOURCE_ID/frames
# e.g. gigalixir drains:add syslog+tls://logs123.papertrailapp.com:12345

To show all your drains, run

gigalixir drains

To delete a drain, run

gigalixir drains:remove $DRAIN_ID